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Commercial Recruitment Oxford: Job Across Oxfordshire!

Since 1992, Selective Recruitment has provided our clients with the full suite of services at all levels of Commercial recruitment in Oxford, Oxfordshire and the Thames Valley.  


If your organisation requires commercial recruitment services, please contact Selective Group's Managing Director Emma Hunt for a confidential discussion by any of the following means:

 01235 462 900.


Selective Recruitment are in a position of strength when it comes to meeting and exceeding our candidates’ expectations. We can provide you with a wide range of Temporary and Permanent vacancies within the Commercial sector ranging from trainee positions to Senior Management / Director level posts.

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With a broad spectrum of vacancies across the board including Sales & Marketing, Accountancy & Finance, HR, Customer Service and Office Administration, Selective Recruitment’s professional, friendly and dedicated team are confident in being able find a position tailored to your skillset and requirements.

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Further Information

If you cannot find a preferred vacancy online then please call us on 01235 462900 (Abingdon Head Office) or 01865 200356 (Oxford Branch) or 0207 186 0271 (London Office) for further information on the available opportunities available within Selective Recruitment across our multiple sites.

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