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Joe Strummer - hero, lead singer and guitarist with everyone’s favourite punk rockers The Clash, was fond of a quote or two that could just as well be to do with work:


Without people, you're nothing.

People can change anything they want to. And that means everything in the world. 

We’d play to old age pensioners if they’d have us but we don’t have to. The Stones are taking care of that now. * 

And he’s lived by the saying “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”


But what happens when the love stops, or even worse, you never loved your job to begin with?! To know when it’s time to drop the shoulder and make a French exit, here are three golden rules that it’s time to move to a different beat:


1. Are you learning?

Every day should be a school day! Whether it’s new technology, new ways of working or new information, constant learning and improvement is the key to being excited by work. If your knowledge is staying stagnant, then it’s more than likely you’re just turning the wheel that a less well-paid junior could be doing - and it’s important you realise that before your company does!


2. Are you progressing?

A good job grows alongside you, giving you the freedom to express yourself and match the ambition of your career path - so if you get to that glass ceiling you could be simply ready for something new. A new team, a new environment, a new adventure! Maybe even a whole different line of career!


3. Are you happy?

You spend almost half your waking life either travelling to, doing, or travelling back from work, so it’s absolutely imperative that it excites you, motivates you, challenges you and respects you.

Sometimes work can be tough, whether it’s workload or just environment. It could just be a bump in the road, but if your happiness is being affected then it’s probably time to look for pastures new. No job is worth sacrificing your happiness for!


If any of the points above strike a chord (geddit?), make sure you get in touch with our amazing consultants and see which career path you can take with Selective!


*OK so this one has nothing to do with work, we just thought it was hilarious!

Selective Recruitment Group is delighted to announce that Selective Care has been awarded 'Good' Status by the Care Quality Commission!

The inspection, which occurred on 7th February 2019, is the first time we have received 'Good' across the board and is the result of months of hard work from the Selective Care team!

Say's Emma Hunt, Managing Director of Selective Group:

"This CQC report is absolutely amazing and a massive improvement on our last report where we had one or two areas that required improvement. I'm delighted for the team and thank them for their dedication and hard work - it truly is a wonderful achievement and I'm thrilled for them with this outcome!"






As one of Oxfordshire’s largest and most experienced recruitment companies, Selective Group knows how hard it can be for candidates to find the job that’s best suited for them.


With roles ranging from Administrators to Sales Executives, working in warehouses or in offices, we’re constantly trying to find the perfect job for great applicants in the region.


It’s why we constantly write blogs such as our latest Five Employment Trends to look out for in 2019, all just to help you with your job search (lucky you!).


But being based in Thames Valley means that we are in a unique position to be surrounded by many award-winning employers!


With this in mind, we recently sifted through all the top employers in the area: we now present to you... Oxfordshire’s Biggest Employers!

Local Authorities:

Oxfordshire County Council

Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

Thames Valley Police

NHS Oxfordshire

Oxford City Council

Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust


The University Of Oxford (includes OUP)

Oxford Brookes University


BWM Manufacturing

Owen Mumford


MacDermid Autotype


Ready to start the journey to your new career? Click here!



We’re finally into the second month of the year which if we’re being honest, usually means a slight slacking off from our ambitious plans we created last December and attacked with vigour in January!


Whether they’re professional or personal, here at Selective we want you to achieve your goals by helping you with your annual planning! Ready to keep on track for the rest of the year? Ready, get set, go!


Set goals! Make sure you prepare yourself and see what direction you want to go in - whether it's a new career or your current career goals, make sure to set yourself targets for the course of the year. What do you want to achieve by the end of today, this week, month, quarter and year? Setting yourself targets (both big and small!) will help you track your progress over the year and see just how far you’re going.


Now it’s time to actually set the plans into motion. Having noted your goals and targets, it will be much easier to approach them. Starting off with the smaller targets always helps, but make sure you’re ready to tackle the larger ones too.


You’re ticking off you targets one-by-one, but it’s so easy to stray away from your route. Making sure you commit to achieving your targets is always the hardest part. Writing down your goals in a journal or planner will make it easier for you to see what goals need to be achieved when.


Take time out to reflect on what you’ve achieved - but don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t accomplished all your set targets. Be prepared for the occasional stumbles and stitches, because it’s important that you’re not rushing to achieve your targets the entire way - taking breaks and slowing down lets you see where your priorities are and will let you achieve them more efficiently.



Repeating the processes of planning, taking action and reflecting will let you achieve your targets in an organised manner, and will allow you to stay on track for a successful year!



Selective Recruitment has been busy scouring reports from all over the internet to bring to you five employment trends to look out for in 2019, you lucky things you!

Hopefully, some of this information will help you decide which you can use and adapt to make your job-searching more effective this year!

Which only leaves the big question: how to thank us!

1. Techno Techno Techno Techno*

We’ve come a very long way since looking for jobs in the newspaper - over the past decade, it’s pretty much all been online. Now that we’re in 2019, we expect technology to play an even bigger role, with Artificial Intelligence assisting jobseekers more efficiently than before. Search engines will start to use large datasets to tailor results to you more specifically, which means that you will get more accurate and relevant job results! In short, goodbye Reed, hello Google Jobs.

2. Let’s Go Retro

As companies continue to grow, there’s an increasing demand in the more traditional roles - we’ve seen a rise in back-end tech jobs over the past few years, but in 2019 it’s all about the front-end! We’re talking a rise in Data Analysts, Sales Execs, Admins, HR, Marketing and so much more!

3. Zombie Apocalypse

2018 was the year of data breaches and the introduction of GDPR - with everyone walking around like zombies in an information apocalypse for much of the year. This year we should see the results of it all begin to shape up. We, therefore, think that this year employers will start to really tackle data protection, so expect to see more data-based roles including Data Security and IT Support!

4. Trainspotting

We increasingly see that young professionals look for jobs that include training or development opportunities as a necessity rather than a perk. Because of this demand, we expect to see many more jobs in 2019 that provide training and development opportunities so that employers can improve their retention rates - taking advantage of this could get you a secure job, all while further developing your skills!

5. A Local Shop for Local People

Considering not many people want to pick up and move to another place just for a job, it’s safe to say location really matters - in a report by Glassdoor, they found that over 70% of applications were only for local jobs. So in 2019, expect to see bigger companies narrowing their focus on hiring locally. This is making employers question where they hire to make sure they’re near areas where people will have the right skillset. Keep an eye out for our blog on Oxfordshire’s biggest employers for 2019 which will be published in the next few weeks!

Here at Selective, we can already see these trends taking effect - take a look at our jobs here to see the results!

* Lyrics from the ultimate classic: 2 Unlimited - No Limits

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