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We are delighted to introduce four new members to the commercial team at Selective Group. Sian Hickey, Georgia Sargent, Tai Thomas and Yannce Reid join us at an exciting time!


Discover more about their experience below - as well as their choices to join our growing team.


Sian Hickey – Commercial Manager



“Hello, my name is Sian and I am the Commercial Manager for Selective Recruitment. I have recently joined the business and have inherited a motivated, enthusiastic and driven team! With over six years’ experience within the Recruitment sector I bring a full understanding of the local market place and aim to utilise my extensive account management background to build strong working relationships.


I am passionate about providing the best service possible to both my candidates and clients alike and  firmly believe that listening is a key part to being successful in our Industry and what makes us understand people’s needs. There is nothing more rewarding than helping both clients and candidates fulfil their career and staffing ambitions. Myself and the team are extremely dedicated to meet and exceed our candidates and clients expectations and I am excited for our future developments!”


Get in touch with Sian on: sian.hickey@selective-group.co.uk | 01235 462 938



Georgia Sargent – Temporaries and Contract Recruitment Consultant


 “I have recently joined Selective Recruitment as a Temporary Recruitment Consultant. I come from a background of recruiting for Childcare and Elderly Care. I am now excited about branching out into Commercial Recruitment where I feel I can expand my knowledge.


I strive to provide the highest quality of staff to all clients and am very passionate about exceeding expectations. I thoroughly enjoy building relationships with clients and candidates and believe in ensuring that the candidate experience is just as fulfilling as the clients. I am very excited for a long and successful career with Selective and optimistic for the future.”


Get in touch with Georgia on: georgia.sargent@selective-group.com | 01235 462 941

Tai Thomas - Permanent Recruitment Consultant

 “Hello, my name is Tai Thomas and I joined Selective Recruitment in March of this year. Having lived in Oxfordshire since birth, I have extensive local knowledge and a real understanding of market trends.


I am personable, adaptable and extremely enthusiastic. Professionalism and relationships are a key indicator to succeed in providing an excellent service at all times and I relish and take pleasure in exceeding expectations. My previous experience has been within Operations Management, however within the last eighteen months I moved into the Recruitment Sector.


I have a real passion of helping people find their place within an environment where they can progress and thrive. I am excited about my prospects with Selective and believe I will have the opportunity to develop and grow both personally and professionally. I look forward to working with you in the future.


Get in touch with Tai on: tai.thoma@selective-group.com | 01235 462 969


Yannce Reid - Commercial Recruitment Consultant

“Hi, my name is Yannce Reid and I recently joined the team at Selective Recruitment in April this year.


I have lived in the Oxfordshire area for over 30 years and worked in the commercial sector for the past 15 years! My initial experience comes from the Leisure industry where I progressed to an Operational Manager, tasked with recruiting the right people to expand our workforce to meet business demands. I have an in depth knowledge of the local recruitment market with key relationships both on the client and candidate side.


I’m passionate about working with candidates and companies to exceed expectations using best practice. Looking forward to driving the Commercial division to new heights!”


Get in touch with Yannce on yannce.reid@selective-group.com | 01235 462966


There are a lot of exciting things happening at Selective Recruitment Solutions Ltd - so watch this space!


We are delighted to announce that our Managing Director, Emma Hunt, celebrates her ten year anniversary with The Selective Group!


Emma joined us in May 2008 as a part time Credit Controller, after having her two beloved children Megan and George.


Emma was able to climb the ranks through her hard work and dedication. Now, ten years on, she is the Managing Director of The Selective Group with a team of 28!


Congratulations Emma! Thanks for you hard work over the years - we look forward to many more!


If you would like to get in touch with Emma, please contact her on emma.hunt@selective-group.com or call 01235 462 940.


Speak to your friends and colleagues today!

All they need to do is contact the Head office on 01235 462941 or Sian.Hickey@selective-recruitment.co.uk to register their details and mention your name as the person who referred them to be in with a chance of receiving the following prizes.

Temporary Division: Recommend a Temporary candidate to Selective Recruitment Ltd who is not already registered or undergoing the registration process and receive a bottle of wine.
Once the Temporary worker has completed a total of 140 hours you will then be awarded a £40 gift voucher.

Permanent Division: Recommend a Permanent candidate to Selective Recruitment Ltd who is not already registered or undergoing the registration process and receive a bottle of wine.
Once the candidate has completed a total of 3 months’ employment you will then be awarded a £50 gift voucher. Terms and Conditions apply.

We’ve all been there: it’s Monday morning, the alarm goes off and we think to ourselves just one more day! Technically known as lunaediesophobia, this undeniable desire to dodge the drudge has one unmistakable symptom; the classic creative excuse.

Selective Recruitment has heard them all and here are some of our favourites...yes, they are actually true.

1. The classic illness…

From the ‘put on’ croaky voice at the end of the phone to the ingrown fungal nail infection - and our favourite - the unexplained rash that appeared after the previous Saturday night, we have seen it all. (Yes, the rash excuse was used! Luckily, the person in question made a complete recovery). We have, or will all succumb to illness, but it’s important to try and not cry wolf. We all need to bank our sick days for when the real lurgy strikes.

2. Good old English weather…
With the recent abnormal winter weather, how many of you (you know who you are!) have called up work and stated you were snowed in? When in reality, the snow wasn’t settling, you live five minutes from the office and you drive a 4x4. You’re no Michael Fish, get those wellies on and walk. For those brighter days, sun protection is available from all good pharmacies.

3. Car trouble…
Are you stuck in the middle of nowhere? Have you got a flat tire and a dead battery? What about those engine problems? In reality, you’re tucked up in bed, turning off that alarm that you’ve been snoozing for the past half hour. Maybe that excuse wasn’t such a good idea when you turn up to work with a fully functioning car the next day.

4. Home disasters...I need DIY SOS
Ok, so the ceiling has caved in, (or is it just a crack?) the 80mph wind that everyone else considers a slight breeze has knocked that damned fence panel down again and next doors dog is eyeing up your daffodils to deposit his business in! Let’s face, it Nick Knowles will not be coming to the rescue, get to work on the fence and the crack will still be there when you get back, and if you are genuine, a decent manager will let you have the time off to let Nick in!
5. The relationship breakdown…They left me” *sob sob*
We all need to understand that life is not a box of chocolates and heartbreak is part of growing up, but so is going to work, so suck it up, grab a box of tissues and use work as a distraction technique. In the words of Lunchmoney Lewis “I got bills, I gotta pay”.

If you’re dreading going to work, it’s probably time to look for a new role - this is where Selective can help! Give us a call on 01235 462 900 or email info@selective-group.com, we can guarantee to find you a role that will reduce those absences.

Define your skills

Recruiters use LinkedIn to search for potential candidates. Like a good question, the more specific you are with search terms the better the results. For candidates to show up in the search results, adding specific roles and skills to your LinkedIn profile will put you higher up on these search results. Take the time to list your main skills and be specific about industry terms and you will come out on top!


Getting a recommendation from past colleagues and employers can give a recruiter the confidence needed to put you forward for a position.


Adding a LinkedIn profile photo will help recruiters verify your profile. It is one of may criteria checked to make sure someone is who they say they are. The type of photo is very important too. There is no need for a professional photo shoot. All you need is a camera phone, a white wall to stand against and some smart clothing. Taking the photo near a window with good natural light will work wonders. The attention to detail and effort put in will convey a positive image to potential employers and recruiters.

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