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What do Mumford & Sons and Woodstock have in common?

Chances are you’re thinking folk music, festivals and the summer of love maaaaan. 


But you would be oh so wrong. 


And this is because we are Selective Recruitment, and we busy ourselves with celebrating great companies from the Thames Valley which have changed lives for the better - not four day music festivals in 1969. Although we do all love a boogie too. 


We are OF COURSE talking about Owen Mumford, a global industry leader in medical device design and manufacturing. 

Owen Mumford

Owen Mumford seeks to improve quality of life, encourage adherence to treatment and reduce healthcare costs. In short, making a world of difference, to a world of people. They do this by helping patients and healthcare professionals in hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, pharmacies, care homes and clinics around the world deliver effective treatments for conditions such as diabetes and multiple sclerosis, with products spanning devices that make blood testing more comfortable to solutions that make it easier to administer life-saving medication


Tucked away in Woodstock, UK, the company dates back to the 1950s when founders Ivan Owen and John Mumford established the company.  Today the medical device company has direct sales offices and a network of distribution partners serving customers in over 60 countries, and employs over 700 people across the Americas, Europe and Asia. 

Global Reach

With almost 90% of their products exported to more than 60 countries, Owen Mumford has offices in the UK, USA, France, Germany, China, Mexico and Malaysia and specialist distributors across five continents. Selected as one of The World Economic Forum’s Global Growth Companies, they are a trusted partner to many of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies and work closely with international partners to support our customers at a local level and to provide consistent and dedicated service.


So from everyone here at Selective Recruitment to everyone at Owen Mumford, we salute you!



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