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Just like a super soft pair of socks and a great hand cream, wine is just one of those things you really start to appreciate with age. 


It is just as well, as adulting can be hard, and after a tough week at work, a glass of 7up and your great hand cream sometimes just don’t cut it. Especially if you have friends over. There are few things in life as satisfying as pouring a glass of well-deserved wine on a Friday evening, aside from peeling off a sticky label entirely in one go (daym) and popping bubble wrap, which we all know is bad for the environment thus should be avoided.


Unfortunately, another side-effect of becoming an adult is suddenly becoming extremely time poor. Gone are the days of leisurely perusing the supermarket after uni, usually around 5pm as we could only afford to shop when discount hour rolled around. Ironically, we now have income to buy wine, but less time to buy it. Such cruel fate! 


But don’t fret, this week’s Amazing Thames Valley Company has you covered: Laithwaite's Wines.


Not only does Laithwaite's Wines offer a huge selection of vinos from 450 winemakers across the globe, they will deliver it straight to your door. They even offer a wide range of deals including free delivery, meaning you have more income left for those nice socks and hand creams. Legends! 


Wine connoisseurs can rest assured that the company, founded by Tony Laithwaite, was born out of passion for high quality wine while Tony was working as a young bottle washer in Bordeaux during the 1960s. In his own words, he “fell so, so in love with (the) wonderful world of wine” which let’s be honest, is pretty easy to do. What’s not so easy, is being obsessed with making the best wine possible, and Tony describes having the phrase “C’est qualite! Qualite!” drilled into him during his winery days. 


With the wine scene in 1960s Britain as about exciting as a damp saveloy on Margate Beach in December, Tony and his girlfriend opened a small shop underneath a railway arch in Reading. The UK market received a welcome injection of great wine that didn't taste like vinegar and the customers flocked.


50 years have now passed, the company is headquartered in Theale and revenue exceeded £250million in 2018. Not only did Tony and his girlfriend get married, have three sons and grandchildren together, they have also racked up 400,000 customers and still manage to personally know all of their 450 winemakers and the likes and dislikes of every customer. Phew! Luckily they had all that wine to get them through the tough weeks. 


For those of us who are self-proclaimed wine lovers, we don’t think there is more we could ask for than delicious wine delivered to our door, from a bloke who is obsessively passionate about his customers enjoying each bottle.    


So from everyone here at Selective Recruitment, to everyone at Laithwaite's Wines, WE SALUTE YOU!



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