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When someone says “west coast” to you, what do you think of? 


Tim Westwood of course! And things like the Radio 1 Rap Show (is it still going?), West Side New York, East Coast America and all things gangster - like poppin’ caps in erm, certain places, and singing along to Nate Dog and Warren G in the Valley of the Shadow of Death. 


So what does all this have to do with an amazing Thames Valley company we hear you ask? Absolutely nothing, although their name does sound a bit ghetto superstar! 


The irony is that Westcoast could not be a more polar opposite than Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince (who is without doubt the best rapper ever - oooh summer-summer-summer-time), being as it is that Westcoast sells “IT products and services, including storage systems, servers and workstations, to other businesses and the education sector.” 


Pretty unsexy we agree. 


But what is super sexy is that Westcoast Group was founded by Joe Hemani in 1984 in Reading, and has grown by acquisition in the 35 years since to reach an annual turnover of £2.5billion, and is now headquartered in Theale (the place near the M4 where you have to do your DVLA stuff). 


So much so that as of 2018 Westcoast is only the biggest bloody company in the Thames Valley!


It now employs more than 1,600 people across a number of locations in the UK, Ireland and Europe and remains privately owned. Its distributor arm, Westcoast Limited, is the UK’s number 1 reseller of IT brands such as HP, Microsoft, Lenovo and Apple to a broad range of resellers, retailers and office product dealers in the UK.


So there you have it. Westcoast Group: hard drives, not drive-bys. 


So from everyone here at Selective Recruitment to all the amazing people at Westcoast Group, WE SALUTE YOU!


(And when we say hip you say hop, when we say hip, you say hop, hip, hop, hip, hop...)



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