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Can you guess this culinary conundrum: Marks & Spencer or McDonalds? Wild Bean or Wagyu Beef? Honey Barbecue Wholegrain Snacks or Hamburger?


Yep you’ve guessed it, we are of course talking about the holy trinity of beige foodstuff choices located in Benson’s BP petrol station: where we have not one, not two but three (THREE!) dining options: McDonalds, Marks & Spencers and the Wild Bean Cafe.


But first, the most important thing: Honey Barbecue Wholegrain Snacks (which we could only find on M&S’s Greek website!) which are produced and sold by Marks & Spencers. These babies are literally the best crisps on planet earth - even better than Walkers Sweet Chilli Sensations, Salt & Pepper Kettle Chips and Walkers Sweet Chilli Sunbites (why oh why on God’s green earth are these not available in a large pack - it’s almost worth the trip to Australia just to buy one).


Oh the sweet amber nectar taste of a Marks & Spencers Honey Barbecue Wholegrain Snack as it melts on your tongue.


But anyway, we digress. Slightly.


A close second to our sausage roll / breakfast wrap dilemma at Benson BP Petrol Station is what lurks just past the petroleum - that’s right, it’s the Headquarters of Grundon Waste Management!


As you may know, you can see lots of vintage waste management vehicles in the company's bright blue building, and that’s because these folks have been literally getting their hands dirty processing our residential waste since 1929!


Their unparalleled history of environmental services means they were the first company to bring the front-end loader waste vehicle to the UK in 1979 and they introduced the now-ubiquitous wheelie bin to the UK in 1982.


In 1990 they built the UK’s first clinical waste incinerator and in 2010 they built the £160million Lakeside EfW (Energy from Waste) plant - which is the UK’s largest residual incinerator - creating enough energy to power the c50,000 homes in the Borough of Slough from over 400,000 tonnes of waste per year!


Since 2017 they have built waste management facilities across the Middle East and Africa, to the extent that the company currently employs over 700 staff and turns over almost £75million per year. It’s the UK’s largest family-owned waste management company, treats over 800,000 tonnes of waste each tear and has reduced carbon emissions by 75% since 2000!


So from everyone here at Selective Recruitment to everyone at Grundon Waste Management: WE SALUTE YOU!



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