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Your CV is viewed as a personal sales tool, allowing you to introduce yourself, your skills and the qualities you can bring to a potential employer. It is therefore essential that your CV is clear, concise and up to date. It should be a relatively short listing of qualifications, employment history and achievements, which reveal enough about you to help secure that all important interview and hopefully your ideal job.

As part of the registration process, your Selective Recruitment Consultant will take time to go through your CV with you (either face to face or over the telephone), they will advise of subtle changes and refinements that make your CV more powerful.

Contact information 

Be sure to include your full name, address, phone number and email address.


Include your educational history including dates.

Current or latest employment

This section is likely to be very important for prospective employers. 

List your employment history starting with your most recent position ensuring to always include when you started, and include your reason for leaving. 

Be sure to bullet point all of your duties and responsibilities and if you are applying to a particular role highlight relevant duties.

Previous employment

These role are also important so again be sure to list your duties and make sure you account for any gaps in employment that you have on your CV. For example a gap due to redundancy, time travelling or raising children.

Personal interests and activities 

This section is optional however you may wish to include some of your hobbies and interests if you feel they would enhance your CV by highlighting your personality or skills.

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